Finished a few plugins for UE4 making controller integration easier. These are

Leap Motion Plugin

Thalmic Myo Plugin

Razer Hydra Plugin

Best way to learn is by doing, and these certainly taught me how UE C++ and blueprints communicate and more importantly what the limits are. Planning on extending functionality of all these plugins into an abstract body motion input class which should allow for hardware agnostic body input and for easy mixing and matching of controllers. In particular using the Myo and the Leap seems like a great match given the strengths and weaknesses of both are complimentary.

Down the line this will benefit Skycall, and this is one of those times where the wheel simply hasn’t been invented yet and the basics have to be covered.

Rook Island

Welcome to the Developer blog!

You try the Skycall – Rook Island pre-alpha demo for yourself

Rook Island Demo – Win32

About Rook Island

This demo is meant to allow you to explore bird flight with the closest possible experience. To gain altitude you will have to flap, once you gain enough speed you will glide and steer with tilt and yaw like you used to as a kid imagining you were a bird/airplane.

All the instructions on flight are included in the Documentation, check out the flapping video below for an example of controlled flight.

Flapping Video

Can you find all the eggs? How good of a bird are you really? These very important questions in life need answers!