VRFocus Jam – A CATastrophe

I had the awesome opportunity to join a team with Matt Burri and Mark Bailey for the VRFocus Virtual Reality Challenge. A 24 hour session of frantic coding, meowing, and last minute hacks to get something playable.

Our team cobbled together Catastrophe, a subversive multiplayer game where you have to save falling kittens while waiting to betray your fellow coop partner. Here’s an early singleplayer gameplay video:

The game only really picks up its true form in multiplayer though, which is what we presented at the end of the countdown as the winning entry. VRFocus covered their event extensively, their articles, a recommended reading.

My favorite part of jams is always the end when you get to try what the other teams did; inspired entries, each with their own unique take on the theme, in this case ‘A safe pair of hands’.

Apart from being crazy fun, there were a ton of challenges which we later covered as a presentation during the latest London UE4 meetup.

Check out the slides for more information.

We’re hoping to take this further, keep up to date with the project at our website catastrophevr.com