NexusVR – Jam Entry

During the 2015 Leap 3D Jam, A collaboration with Mac from Borrowed Light Studios resulted in our NexusVR entry


The concept was a DK2 portaling app that allowed you to transit between VR experienced you loaded in your folder. The original goal was a multiplayer social portaling hub, but due to time constraints the multiplayer aspect of it got dropped. What did make into the final version though was a fully enabled chromium browsing experience which you could browse using your hands in VR.


If you wanted to share something you were browsing to the big screen a simple reach into the browsing window (depth interaction) would convert the current page into a data cube. This data cube could be easily transferred to any visible surfaces which would render the link or video.

Mac Cauley’s visuals created a vibrant landing area that will be the core meet up place in the future social version!


If you have a DK2 and a Leap motion, check it out at: