Playing with Jenga in VR

I’ve recently implemented a fully rigged collision blueprint in my unofficial leap plugin. The way it is constructed allows for you to change both the collision asset and mesh to suit your needs, while retaining the Leap Motion based input.

I’ve also added easy IR passthrough support in the Leap Motion plugin, allowing you to transition from Virtual Reality to Augmented Reality with a simple gesture. Now you can reach for that beer without removing your headset!

The architecture is finally starting to separate the input from the actual output and it should be relatively easy to have other input drive the rigged mesh.

which is the next step, but for now let’s try out the collision accuracy on some Jenga

I may need some practice, but it is great to see that finger collision is accurate enough to do delicate separation. Leap motion tracking has come a long way!

The Myo plugin has also been featured on Thalmic Labs’ Myo Unleashed series. Its a very concise entry on how to add Myo support to your game in UE4 in under a minute. Let me know if it helps!

See the link below for the blog post:

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